My iPhone HUNT..

27 05 2010

Okay, so I’m on a NEVERENDING hunt for an iPhone.. i just HATE to LOVE these things. i just ABSOLUTELY NEED one of these things sooooo bad.
i already have a blackberry. but it jjust seems the more i see these thing the more i want one. so i decided for my birthday , which is coming up on June 16, i want one. i would really like to get a 3g or 3gs but there so expensive so i’ll have to settle for a 2g. but i think of it like , HEY and iphone is an iphone… even tho the 4g should be coming out sometime this month.. i’ll be ok. so for the past month. i’ve been checking craigslist EVERY DAY ( I KID you not) trying to find one at a good price and already unlocked so i can have it on T-mobile… HOPEFULLY, today is the day. I’ve made a few calls and a few agreements and i should be getting one for $170. Hopefully this goes through. I’ll be back to tell more later…

WISH ME LUCK  <(^.^)> im so EXCITED!!




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